Major Research Essay

The major essay – represents the completion of your research into a specific aspect of popular culture in Australia. choose/modify one of the questions listed on the blackboard site.
The aim is to produce a well-focused essay that provides an argument illustrated through discussion of particular examples drawn from your primary research, rather than only providing a synthesis based on secondary sources.

Marking criteria:
1. Definition and understanding of topic
2. Depth and relevance of research (ie. ability to collect, organise and analyse information and evidence from relevant primary and secondary sources).
3. Soundness of argument and analysis. (You should state a position and support it through evidence and sound logic. An example of an argument is: Australians are not as sport obsessed as depicted by the media.)
4. Structure and organisation (Is there a coherence to your argument? Do all the parts of your essay hang together in a logical fashion?)
5. Quality of expression
6. Adherence to MLA referencing.- you could have more than 10 referencing if u need
7. Quality of presentation/formatting.
8. Sources it?s in recent years + MAKE sure NO Plagiarism or similarity no more than 5% –
9. conduct academic research relevant to the topic rather than referencing content/articles from websites that not relevant really
10. – Follow the criteria sheet and guidelines documents