Make-up branding

The research(REPORT) should have two main parts , the first part is Proposal (1000 words) and the second part is Conducting the research (2000 words) the topic is about Make-up branding ( i have chosen this topic because it is related to my vocational practice which is Specialist Hair and Media Make-up) you do not have to write part 2 now but after you finish part 1 I want you to write part 2 not another writer because you already wrote part 1 and you will know exactly what i need
i have uploaded additional files description about the research and some example might help you

Part 1 should have two clearly sections
Section 1
* (Introduction)
Put subject in context
Background to topic
Imagine reader knows nothing about the subject
(The introduction is different to traditional essay introductions)
* (Rationale)
Justify why this topic needs researching
Why is this topic worth investigating?
Topical? Changes in legislation/policy?
To improve practice
Gap in knowledge
Not because you like the topic or are interested in it personally
* (Aim and objectives)
One aim and four or five objectives

1. To identify the main themes from the literature that has focused on
2. To obtain the opinions through a questionnaire of
3. To analyse the data in relation to
4. To make conclusions as to whether (the aim)
Section 2
* (Approach to Acquiring Secondary Research)
The approach taken
Inclusion/exclusion (gender, social class, country)
Dates/time periods
Key word searches
Snowball sampling
Function of the literature section
Shows what has been done to date

Gives you ideas for your research from identified gaps, from unclear areas, from contentious issues
* (Key themes in the literature)
The literature – anything that has been written on your topic, but not everything is acceptable!

trade publications?