managing and leading people

I need the draft for this essay by sunday! at least 700 words draft. It must be BRITISH writer no american words are accepted. Also do not use strong words.
Add theories such as:
Halo And Horns Effects
Attribution Theory
Costa and Mcrae nomothetic approach
Friedman and Rosenman type A and Type B
Maslows hierarchy of needs
McClellands theory
Equity theory ( Adams )
Goal theory
Individual Identity Model
The theories should be linked to the essay critique use the theories and practices to support your argument.

The focus of the essay will be on a key and relevant academic journal article, which be attached. You will be expected to critically review 3 recommendations and consider the strengths and weaknesses of the recommendations and evauate the perceived effectiveness of these initiatives. What additional recommendations might you make and why?

The responses must form a well, developed, argued and reasoned essay. The content of which must include relevant concepts, models and theories, practical concerns and your professional experiences. The essay must be critical, analytical and evaluative in nature to best evidence and demonstrate, and evidence your knowledge understanding and continued subject development.

The purpose of the essay is to demonstrate your engagement with, understanding and appreciation of key theoretical and practical concerns contained within the content of this module. The essay should note the following key content points and include the relevant evidence of skills through the demonstration of:

Critical Analysis: evidence of critical, analytical and evaluative analysis appropriate to Master level expectations.

Linking Theory and Practice: evidence of critical use of associated theories, models and key module concepts in relation to the analysis of practical concerns and your professional experiences.

Implementation: an appreciation of how key theoretical knowledge can be employed to better organise, improve or implement new models, systems and/or practices.

Do not explain concepts, models, and theories. Assume that the reader has some familiarity with them, and instead bring in them and demonstrate your knowledge of relevant literature as they relate to practical concerns and your professional experiences.