Managing Contracts and Risk – Project Procurement & Ethics

– There is actually no limitation on the number of words. This assignment just require you to thoroughly address the questions and instructions given.
– There is also no rules on the number of references required for this assignment. But, if you use any references to support the writings please use academic/scholarly sources.
– USE/BASE ON AUSTRALIAN LAW (ENGLISH LAW) when you analyzing the contract and addressing this assignment. Do not base/use the law system from other country than Australia as it may be different.
– I have attached the Assignment Brief under a PDF File titled \’IMPORTANT Assignment Brief\’.
– I have also attached the Commercial Contract that you have to use for analysis and answering questions for this assignment. The Commercial Contract is in a PDF File titled \’COMMERCIAL CONTRACT to be analysed for the assignment\’.
– Please read through all of the 3 reading materials/training notes that I have also attached for you as through reading through those training notes, you can understand what is expected to be able to successfully complete this assignment.
– Please read through carefully all materials/files attached in this Assignment Order Form, as it related to the assignment.