Marketing Management in an Electronic Age (compering between starbox and costa)

Students are to work in a group of 4 and submit one report undertaking the research necessary to understand the situation (situation analysis) of two leading companies or brands in the same industry. Show how changes in the environment have affected the marketing of their products. The controllable and uncontrollable variables and any other relevant factors will need to be examined. The market shares and the segmentation strategies will also need to be considered. Consider how companies/brands can identify key changes in the environment. Identify whether any recent responses taken by the companies/brands to key changes in the environment have been successful and assess whether there may be any environmental impact in the near future.
You are also required to undertake suitable research to establish the potential of the internet for the selected companies or brands, both as a vehicle for supplying services/information to support smaller businesses and for providing a distribution route to market. The report should compare and contrast current Internet opportunities in a chosen market sector, as well as projecting views of potential future applications.
Your report must, as a matter of priority, address the areas identified below:
1. The controllable and uncontrollable variables.
2. The market shares and the segmentation strategies and which segment of the market would you plan to target, justifying your choice
3. Areas of business opportunity for the selected companies or brands using the Internet
4. Construct the marketing mix for the two companies.
5. The groups views regarding the potential effectiveness of e-business in the chosen market and more broadly across the range of business sectors.
Your report must also include the completion of the Group Working Performance Sheet that is attached to this assessment brief.

and how the project will be score :
If available insert checklist of issues for student to consider before submission>>.
Is there a clear structure to your work?
Is the work well presented visually in terms of layout, fonts, and spacing, etc?
Have you supported your statements with appropriate \”evidence\”?
Is the argument clear and structured?
Are the materials you have used properly acknowledged in your work?
Does the main body of your work correctly identify authors and other detail (dates and where appropriate page references) as specified in the Harvard system standards?
Can all your references be traced to your bibliography?
Has the bibliography been prepared to Harvard system standards?
Refer to the grade descriptors and decide (realistically) the grade you want to achieve. (Honestly now) do the descriptions associated with that grade correspond with your work? If not what adjustments do you need to make?