Marketing Research Manager

Learning Outcomes Assessed
After successful completion of this assessment, the following learning outcomes should be achieved:

1. Evaluate the role of market research in business decision-making
2. Select appropriate research designs to meet given research objectives
3. Critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of both qualitative and quantitative research techniques
4. Apply this knowledge to the design of a research project

This assignment is an individual assignment.

You have two different tasks

1. Firstly, you are to act as the Marketing Research Manager of a Unilever division. Your task is to write the research brief for the detailed business scenario, described below. You should include in your brief the key business issues and an idea of what the company is hoping to achieve by conducting the research project. Consider all the relevant variables within the Marketing Mix that the research agency would need to know about.
2. Secondly, you are to assume the role of an executive at a leading UK Market Research Agency. You should write a research proposal for the above Unilever client, in response to the brief. You will need to demonstrate your understanding of the brief, and then design a method that you feel will meet the research objectives. You will be given extra marks for describing possible alternative research methods / sampling et cetera, and the reasons why you are recommending some, but not others.
Total word count 3000 (with no more than 600 words for the brief).
Due in by 23.55 Monday 7 November 2016
usiness Scenario (fictional)
Exploratory study for the launch of Project ?Wide Straw? in the UK Market
We, at Unilever Frozen Food Division (UFFD) have been tasked with an exploration into the possible launch of Project ?Wide Straw? into the UK hot/cold drinks market.
This project is concerned with Bubble Tea, a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in the 1980s. (Chinese: ????; pinyin: zh?nzh? n?ich?, also ????; b?b? n?ich?)
Following on from the considerable success of the product known variously as ?Bubble Tea?, Pearl Milk Tea, or Boba that is being sold in certain specialized cafes and shopping mall outlets, we will launch our own pre-packaged version. A young, cool Asian demographic is probably driving demand, or demand comes from those who have travelled to Asian destinations.
Project ?Wide Straw? (Bubble Tea) could be launched under the Lipton brand name, or it could have a separate sub-brand (with Lipton as the umbrella). Lipton is one of UFFD?s strongest brands and is widely accepted as a brand leader in both the hot and cold drinks markets.
However, due to the innovative aspect of the product, it may well be that a new brand name must be found from research. One that will transmit perfectly the unusual qualities of the NPD (New Product Development).
Most of the recipes of Bubble tea contain a tea base that is then mixed, or shaken with milk and/or fruit. Tiny balls (Boba) of tapioca (cassava root), or fruit jellies are usually added. Bubble tea can be served either hot or cold. A slushy consistency can be obtained with the addition of ice and either fruit or syrup.
Our product (subject to research) will be presented as a ?just add hot water and/or milk? product, suitable for supermarket sales.
Packaging (TBC) will be a 10oz, or 16oz (0.3L) cardboard, or Styrofoam cup with lid, having an oversized diameter straw inside. The whole will be shrink-wrapped, or, if this proves too expensive, the lid will be taped on.
Our Bubble Tea will contain separate packets of flavoured tapioca balls, milk powder – naturally sweetened by reduction – and a Lipton teabag, probably of premium lapsang souchong tea.
It is not known at this stage, which flavours, or how many, should be made available. Retail price must also be investigated.
As an alternative, we could look at a future version for the addition of ice and cold water, or milk. We are informed by R&D that this will present particular production problems not yet resolved.
Nevertheless, research could touch on this last aspect.
Nb: All the above specifications are subject to research.
This research has been budgeted at GBP60,000 in the Annual Plan.
For this professionally presented report, you should include:
Branded cover page (not included in the word count).
Executive summary (not included in the word count).
Contents page (not included in the word count).
Appendices containing any relevant models used, data gathered not suitable for the main body of the report.
Reference list to Harvard style.
Good structure: