Marrige and Family

Please respond and react to the following:

In considering the differences between individual therapy and family therapy as addressed in class and in the book (on page 6 and following), share what you see as the strengths/weaknesses of each and your preference toward which approach. Did your opinion change or was it reinforced by what you read/heard in class? In what way?

In chapter 1, there are a number of \”pioneers of family therapy\”. Pick one whose approach and insights impressed you and share your reasons for your positive reaction to them.

Identify the basic issues for which to assess a family (see pages 34-38) and pick one of those areas and the reason you see it as very important. Discuss the reason these areas are important within family therapy.

On page 40, Nichols offers an ethical dilemma in the paragraph starting with \”It\’s clear that therapists must protect their clients\’ right to confidentiality…\” and thinking about the role of secrets in families and couples, how would you deal with this issue of the extramarital affair? Think about the questions Nichols offers following that indented paragraph.

The book is Family Therapy Concepts and Methods 11th edition Michael p. Nichols with Sean D. Davis