Marxism and Mercantilism

This is a research/term paper for an Economic Doctrines class. The paper should discuss the history of mercantilism, how Karl Marx ideas developed on economics and how they\’re still relevant today, and particularly on a ‘neo-Marxist’ hypothesis of the capitalist manifestation of power, assessing its implications for worldwide relations. [Attached is the abstract which was given the \”go-ahead\” to write paper by professor.]The paper will be evaluated and graded based upon the strength of its exposition, form, style, spelling, punctuation, and grammarTo make the organization of the paper clear, provide an introductory paragraph that summarizes the outline of the paper, provide a clear statement of conclusions, make careful transitions between paragraphs in the body of the paper, and make effective use of subheadings. Avoid excessive use of direct quotations. Use direct quotations only when there is something significant about the original wording. Include original analysis of the information, explaining its significance.