Masters Research Project Exegesis

Masters Research Project Exegesis Guide
Total length – 40-45 pages (~10k words)
Abstract: Long Paragraph summarizing your project. 1 page.

Introduction: Background, how you got to where you are with your project. Extended outline of the project, where is your project situated in terms of art fields or design or music…in detail: 5-6 pages

Context Review: Discussion of the field…almost like a literature review…but you are talking more about the overall field you work is in. 5 pages you can expand this section.

Process/Practice/Personal Motivations….what is your artistic process overall and how does this project extend or consolidate that practice: 4-5 pages You could concentrate on this more….

Description and Discussion: The meat of the document. Discussion of your works. and that would be like a mini essay within your essay….introduction….talk about each work…in detail…lots and lots and lots images.. technicial/artist/theoretical aspects behind each work. Break the work apart into different sections. 20 pages or more.

Issues/problems and other concerns.

Implications and Future Developments: Where is this research going into the future….where can you take it…what are other possibilities for it…. 5 or so pages.

Conclusion: 4-5 pages. Discuss an overview of how your work is contributing to the field and creating new knowledge.

References: Extensive list of cited works, publications, sites, applications, etc.