Maters of social work Narrtive esay

here is the link to the page. The instructions are here on the FIU Masters of Social work. statement is confidential in its use by the School.1. What do you see as the basic purpose(s) of the social work profession and the function(s) of social workers?2. Which current social problem(s) present(s) the greatest concern to you? What view do you have about the way in which such problem(s) could be prevented or ameliorated?3. How early or recent family, peer group, educational, extended travel, work (volunteer or employed), community, or research experience contributed significantly to your motivation for, and/or understanding of, the field of social work?4. What can you assess as your strengths and weaknesses in relationship to the education and practice of social work? What unique interest or educational need, if any, do you have?5. At this point in time, why is graduate education in social work the best way for you to realize your goals? What are your future goals if you become a professional social worker?6. Does the School of Social Work graduate program have an area of concentration central to your interest?7. Feel free to add other information you believe relevant.NOTE: this personal statement should be presented on separate 8 1/2\” x 11\” pages, 1\” margins and 12\” font.. It should be typed (double-spaced) and at least six to eight pages in length. Send your statement to: