Mechanism Design/ Game Theory

Get the model of probabilistic voting (it is rather simple game theoretic model). From the book of Political Economic Explaining Economic Policy by Persson Tabellini. Look at chapter 3, section 3.4. In that model, the key idea is that two parties compete for voters when they choose their platforms, but they do not know perfectly well the preferences of voters relative to politician types. Extend that model by allowing to parties to communicate with voters to modify their beliefs about politicians’ types.The main question of the thesis would be, what is the optimal communication structure?NeedsThe introduction should not exceed 2 pages, and on it you state what is the question to be answered and why is relevant.The literature review should not exceed 6 pages. In which you write a short literature review on the closely related papers, stating clearly why the existent literature does not address/model what I want to model.What really matters to me is the model, this is the core, hence that is where most of the paper should be focused, that is where most of the writing must be done. I suggest to start by the model, not by literature review or introduction, because the model is what I care for.In order to build the model, there must be again a small illustration to show which question that my model seeks to answer.Then, the model description and setup. This is vital to be of superb quality (it must be a mathematical and well explained setup. I don\’t want just words or intuition. So it must be very mathematical.After the setup, I need to solve the model. Here again I need the problem well solved mathematically and with good explanation, step by step. I don\’t want the writer to write solution concepts, those are irrelevant to me (the reader and I already know it). I want the solution for the specific model designed in the Thesis. The solutions must be solved properly and exposed transparently, with the properly used notions of the equilibrium, to repeat, you should calculate the equilibrium according to the standards of such models. If you want someone to be uncertain about something, you should model uncertainty properly through probability distributions etc. Also the solutions should have a small explanation about what was achievedAfter the model being solved, I need at least 1 numerical example for the model of this thesis. Those examples must be explained and solved step by step. (mathematically as well). Don\’t use examples for a book chapter or another thesis.Then I need a small discussion/results/implications, Conclusion. Those combined should not exceed 5 pages.Then I need the references, and appendices.Regarding to bureaucracy.
The thesis should be written with a 1.2-1.5 line spacing in an easily legible font.
The thesis has to contain the following tables/lists when applicable:
• a complete table of contents with page references,
• a list of the literature that has been used,
• a list of the Internet sources that have been used.
Particular attention must be paid to the fact that quotations in accordance with the MLA and the APA standards always require the exact indication of the page.
It is imperative that quotations are able to be verified without any problems and with the smallest possible amount of work.
With regard to sources that have no page numbers, such as electronic publications or unprinted sources.