Media summary analysis

Find an article about a COMPANY (except Uber, Tata Steel, Tesla Motors, Oracle, Xero, Amazon, BUPA, Fairfax, Cimic group, Apple, VW, we are not allowed use those companies) that discusses the socio-cultural and technological environments that affected the business. The Article should be published after 1st July 2016 from a reputable source (The Australian Financial Review;The Sydney Morning Herald;The Australian;ABC Radio;ABC News 24 TV;SkyNews Business News;The Economist;Bloomberg;BBC News;Financial Times;The Guardian; and The Wall Street Journal) There should also be a section about CSR Corporate social responsibility at the end of the article which is basically digging up dirt on the company.
The article should have 2 key concepts one concept about the socio cultural aspect and second concept about technology, the 2 concepts should be discussed separately in a paragraph each and then linked in the analysis section.
Some of the SocioCultural concepts
age distribution, gender distribution, stage of life etc.
Dependency ratio
Population density
GDP per capita
Cultural dimensions.
Some of the Technology concepts
? Sociotechnical configuration
? Technological transitions
? Technological trajectory
? Incremental innovation
? Radical innovation
? Disruptive innovation

An example on the link between the 2 concepts
Aging population + Increased urbanisation (Socio culture)>> Need to improve mobility of aged population >> leeds to technological advances in wheelchair capable of going up stairs (IT).

Please do additional research to find data, and reference those at the end.

Attached is the template on how to format the paper.

Thank you