medical terminology project

Conceptualize a project that you can use medical terms and peer-reviewed journal articles in medicine and/or healthcare. This may be anything from a poem, to a music video. The key is that you take medical terms and information and make it fun and teachable. Others should be able to learn from your project.
Other ideas include the following:
Poem (write it, record it)
Video (teaching, music, etc.)
Write a song and record it.
Descriptive video using PowerPoint. (This is more than slides and background music)
Use your imagination, DO NOT turn in simple PowerPoint, simple power point with background music, Prezi, jeopardy, cross-word puzzles, simplistic items. If done these will not score very high. They key is to find your talent and present in a way that may help your discipline learn.
1. Must be original!
2. Must use a minimum of 25 medical terms.
3. Include a list of all medical terms with definitions. Highlight or BOLD medical terms if possible (depends on project).
4. Must include 3 peer-reviewed references.
I want it PowerPoint video with slow music