Module 4: Financial Resources

Weekly Materials:
1. Module 4 video
2. Readings from Financial Management for Nurse Managers and Executives fourth edition. Authors Steven A. Finkler, Cheryl B. Jones and Christine T. Kovner
Chapter 19: Short-Term Financial Resources
Chapter 20: Long-Term Financial Resources

Weekly Assignments:
1. Senior Management Interviews Due
2. All Students-respond to two other groups post. Group participation rubrics are due by each group memeber Saturday at 11:50PM-Please omit this one for now, I will submit another order for these responses when they come available.

Senior Management Interview and Group Presentation:

Each student will be required to interview 3 senior managers in a variety of professional settings. Senior management positions may include the following: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Controller, Franchise Owner, and Business Owner. Each student will turn in a summary of the interviews to the instructor. The students will provide feedback to their group on interviews and each group will analyze, summarize and post a summary of the groups results, no more than 5 pages.