Movie and Quote Based

Omi and Winant state that For most of its existence the U.S. was a racial dictatorship It is important to recognize that in many respects, racial dictatorship is the norm against which all U.S. politics must be measured (179). While many Americans claim there isn\’t racism (aversive racism) in the U.S., Sue et. al. note that Although the civil rights movement had a significant effect on changing racial interactions in this society, racism continues to plague the United States (200).
-Discussing two films (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Saving Private Ryan and/or Dear White People) in what ways is the U.S. still a racial dictatorship? Or is it not? Use evidence for or against their statement from the films. Are micro aggressions present? Give examples from the films.
-500-750 words. You must include citations, and be sure to give the author credit for his ideas. Be sure to answer all aspects of the question and include all authors works as required (highlighted). You must give details from two movies supporting your argument and quote or paraphrase the bolded authors. You must include aspects from both authors.