Movie Review

Movie: Schilndlers List
TextBook: Feagin, J.R. & Feagin, C.R. 2012.Racial and Ethnic Relations,9th ed. Boston: Prentice Hall. ISBN # 0-205-02499-8

Review the film in 4-5 pages. Create a title page.The title should be interesting and informative.Do not just lift the title of the movie. The title page should also include your name, class subject, and date.Briefly (no more than two paragraphs) summarize the film.A summary is not an encapsulation of the entire plot. We have all seen the movie. Next, provide a critical review of one or two major points of the film (i.e. important scenes or development of a character). In the review take a firm stance on the particular issue presented by usingat least two terms and only one theoryand small discussion of your own experiences and observations (2 pages).Explain how race is socially constructed. Explain how the particular racial or ethnic group featured in the film is racialized. Include how political, economic, and social factors social construct the racialized group featured in the film.Explain how history impacts an individuals positionality in an American racial hierarchy.When discussing your personal experiences,explain how the films topic has impacted your perception of race and your life experiences.