MR Myocardial Perfusion Imaging. Radiology

Review about this article (Coelho-Filho, O.R. et al. 2013. MR Myocardial Perfusion Imaging.
I will put in poster so i need the most important and relevant structure. you can use image
summary of a review article
You will need to analyse the paper and extract
The most important messages in a structured and coherent form. To enhance your
understanding of the content of this paper, and most importantly, to place its
message within a wider context of MRI, you are encouraged to use your teaching
materials, books, journal articles and internet resources. However, to avoid trying to
cover too much material, please limit your references (see below) to material
published up to and including plagiarism
demonstrate your understanding of this area
of applied MRI. To understand the methodology you will need to make use of your
knowledge of many different topics: basic principles
of MR signal acquisition, relaxation mechanisms, spatial encoding and applications of
Including an introduction and conclusion. It is
appropriate in the conclusion to discuss the limitations of the technique. and use subtitle to explain the procedure.
Up to five references may be included, using the Harvard referencing style. Please do NOT reference
material published after 2013.
If you take images from a book or website, indicate the source of the image clearly in the figure caption.
Do not try and put too much text on your poster, use bullet points where
possible in preference to paragraphs of prose. Make good use of illustrations.
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