Multicultural Communicator

Describe a person (dead or alive) that you consider to be a great multicultural communicator (with diverse people/ in diverse situations). Remember that diversity includes different cultures, as well as differences in ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, social class, age, etc. . . . You can choose a person!
The paper must contain the following:

First give a brief biography of the person whats/he does/did, where s/he lives/lived, any particular circumstances, etc.
Then give specific instances of his/her communication skills, including:
o Sensitivity to nonverbal behaviour
o Body language – eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, etc.
o Space – personal space, haptics
o Voice quality – tone
o Cultural sensitivity
Halls dimensions
Hofstedes dimensions
Confucian dynamism
o Sensitivity to individuality
Diverse personality styles
Diverse lifestyles

Be sure to explain:
1) How does this person act/communicate?

2) What are the consequences of this persons acts/communication?

Give a general description and at least one specific example. Be sure to include each of the points listed above. You must include a bibliography with at least five source. One must be from, one book, and any other sources you find.

Two very important things I would like to point out:

First, if you use resources/sources in the paper those must be available through a link (provided in the References as, Retrieved from :..) and the link/source must be functional and accessible for me as well. In addition, the academic source must be free of charge and straightaway available. I cannot accept sources to which I do not have access.

Second, please use an easy writing style. Avoid complicated long sentences and a complex structure overall, it is not a writing class. The paper must reflect my academic capabilities. Please keep it easy, nothing extraordinary and nothing too sophisticated. Keep the language you are using in the paper simple and straightforward.

Good to know the class/course is: Intercultural Communication.

Thank you very much! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards