Music review

You are to analyze the following three music pieces:
*Mozarts Piano Trio in G Major, K. 564
*Brahms Piano Trio in C Minor, Op. 101
*Schuberts Piano Trio in B-flat Major, D. 898

Move into the realm of perceptive listener in order to discuss the pieces. However, do use your instincts as a casual and referential listener as a clue to your analysis. E.g., how do you feel when you hear a crescendo? Other dynamics? Fast-paced music? Slow tempos? Simple versus complex music? Or, conversely, when you feel different emotions or see different pictures in your mind, what is happening in the music?

Analyze each piece played with following criteria, to the best of your ability:
1. Overall structure of the Music, including genre: is it a song, a concerto, a sonata, a symphony, single movement piece, aria, opera, musical, jazz number? How many movements does the piece have (how many subtitles are there under the main title?)
2. Purpose of the Musicdoes it have a function or is it just entertainment?
3. Tempouse Italian terms
4. Dynamicsuse Italian terms
5. Timbrewhat instruments or voices are featured and when/why? What is the effect?
6. Rhythmsee if you can hear meter or repeating patterns in the background; is it smooth or angular?
7. Melody (conjunct or disjunct, are thereare there changes?)
8. Harmony (Major or minor or does it change?)
9. Form (structure of the music: this is the hardest element to hear. Some clues can be in the titles of the piece or movement, such as Variations, Sonata for, Rondo, etc.
10. Texture (homophonic, monophonic, polyphonic or are there changes)? Are there solos?
11. Historical Period (look at the dates of the composer)
12. Style: Jazz, classical or other? If other, what is it?
13. Mood of the piece and does it change? How does it make you feel? Be as descriptive as you can here.

_Must answer this question: \”What was the musical style of each of the pieces performed?\”
_The concluding paragraph could discuss whether you liked the pieces or not.

P/s: as this is an assignment for my introductory music class, the analysis doesn\’t have to be \”technical\”. Thank you.