My identity, politics and election, bulworth and the relationship between them

Write a 4 page essay for how the movie bulworth relates to my identity, and politics and the election today and the relationship between them, even the relationship between bulworth and the political system today and what is going on with politics currently. My identity is very similar to that of bulworth\’s because I am an impulsive college student who likes to smoke weed, and I like to rap if you have any questions about me please message me, if it is urgent and the deadline is close you can call .
I will include an essay proposal that you should go off of. Please also talk about trump and how he is similar to bulworth and in some ways me.
Also please upload what you have so far every day so I can take a look at it if the information you are providing is correct about me.
Don\’t be afraid to use the word I when referring to me in this essay.