After reviewing chapter 40, pp. 629-644 (3rd edition) or chapter 41, pp. 727-742 (4th edition) of introduction to mythology contemporary approaches to classical and world myths respond to (all) the essay prompts. Cite the book (or any other sources), in MLA format, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, you should be able to respond in three or four pages (in total) of good quality text.This assignment is due Nov 2, two-day late option available.

*Compare the story of Daniel Boone with the myths associated with national leaders such as Gilgamesh or Oedipus. Explain why the story of Daniel Boone did not develop in the same way as the others.

*What might the development of the story of Daniel Boone tell us about how people develop myths?

*Consider the mythic dimensions of the story of Daniel Boone by looking at it through the lens of Campbell\’s Hero on a Quest.