Narrative Essay

Theme: Recount a true story about a ceremonial occasion– such as a graduation, wedding or memorial service– that you took part in. Show how and where the actual events of the experience met (or conflicted with) your expectations.

Some things to keep in mind as you draft: Recount a specific incident. You may choose to include background information, but the essay should focus on a short amount of time during which you learned something (review the prompts if necessary). Focus on details… that are necessary.. and real (some creativity may be included, but the essay must be a true, personal story) Include dialogue where possible Follow standard essay guidelines such as thesis idea; topic sentences; organization and transitions; effective/unified paragraphs; introduction and conclusion.

Essay Guidelines:

Your essay should be 3-5 pages long. You must format your essay according to standard MLA guidelines: 12 font, Times New Roman, double spaced.

If you are unclear about MLA guidelines, you can look in either text book for MLA samples (See The Little Seagull Handbook p. 149). In addition, you can find sample MLA essays on popular websites such as YouTube.

Your essay must include standard, academic formatting, including title, thesis idea, well-developed paragraphs, effective transitions, and, last but not least, an introduction and conclusion.

You should carefully review the strategies for writing a Narrative essay. The personal narrative must include background information, details, action and tension that not only tell a story, but make a point about a lesson learned or personal experience. The narrative covers a short amount of time, so do not tell the whole story: zoom in on the experience that highlights the lesson learned. Review sample essays and model the writer\’s techniques.