Review FAR 15.503, 15.505, and 15.506.

(1) From the contractor\’s standpoint, explain why (or in what circumstances) it might make sense for a disappointed offeror to choose a pre-award versus a post-award debriefing and, in other circumstances, choose a post-award debrief over a pre-award debriefing.

(2) From the government\’s perspective, explain why it is in the government\’s interest to provide more (rather than less) information – or, in other words, more than the bare minimum of information – to disappointed offerors in debriefings.

Be sure to focus on the language of 15.505(e) and 15.506(d), which begins: \”At a minimum….\” . Focus also on the language of 15.505(e)(2) and (e)(3) and 15.506(d)(4) and (d)(6).

Please limit your response to approximately 500 words.