Networks and Relationships

Based on your chosen company or organisation which will be the focal point for your analysis.

1.Give a brief background to the organisation and the industry.

2.Identity networks members and draw a diagram of the network surrounding the company or organisation. The diagram should include major suppliers, customers and competitors (if the organisation is not a government agency or department) and any regulatory authorities.

3.Provide an overview of the products/services/raw ingredients/information that the network supplies and purchases from other members of the network.

4.Examine the focal firm from the perspective of business customers and business suppliers.

5.Analyse the issues and problems involved in developing, managing and exploiting relationships with network members. (Remember that at particular times termination of business relationships could be an important issue). Establish and provide a clear understanding of the time and resources allocated to manage at least 2 specified relationships in the network. Compare and contrast these relationships in terms of actor bonds, activity links and resource ties.