non-renewal and renewable energy

In this assignment you are to examine and report on the following key areas:
i) Our current usage and dependence on fossil fuels for power generation, transport and as feedstocks for key industries such as fertilisers and plastics. Your report should show research into:
overall UK power generation and the split between different technologies used,
the risks to UK power generation from the continuing closure of coal fired and aging nuclear plants until new despatchable generating capacity is available from new generation nuclear stations, what are?
the use of oil and gas as feedstocks for key chemical industries,
reserves of fossil fuels and changes in demand are fossil fuels already a declining energy resource?
ii) The case for climate change
is it proven beyond doubt ?
are alternative scenarios valid e.g. global cooling?
what research has been completed on geo engineering to counteract global warming?

iii) To what extent can initiatives to improve energy efficiency reduce our demands for energy

Your research should aim to provide a balanced view of all the relevant factors driving the need to develop renewable energy sources. For example, if you believe the global warming case is unproven, are there other factors which are just as important, e.g. finite reserves and air pollution, which are driving the need to develop renewable energy resources ?

Your assignment should take the form of a report, covering the 3 areas above. Your report should be between 3000 and 4000 words and include 4 appropriate and authoritative references to demonstrate the quality of your research.
Any reference sources should be properly referenced using Harvard referencing, details of how to use this are available at