Nuclear Nonproliferation and Security

Assignment 3
Due date: October 31st, 2016
For this weeks assignment you are given the following hypothetical scenario:
You are a policy advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the midst of negotiations of the Middle East Nuclear Weapons Free Zone. One of the measures, proposed by your Government, is the Middle East Regional Nuclear Inspectorate (MERNI). The purpose of the Inspectorate is to verify the peaceful use of nuclear energy in the Member States. You were tasked to come up with a concept of the inspectorate and the main list of verification activities to be carried by the inspectorate. Write a short policy paper (up to 4 pages) describing your vision of the Regional Inspectorate. In your paper describe the following:
1. How will the inspectorate be formed (for example: equal representation, proportional to the country size, proportional to the scale of the nuclear program, etc.)? Why? ?
2. What reporting requirements will the Member States have?
3. What safeguards measures should be implemented by the Inspectorate (for example: ?Nuclear Material Accountancy, Environmental Sampling, Open Source Information ?Analysis, etc.)? ?
4. How would you form inspection teams? ?
5. In your opinion:
a. Is there a need for such inspectorate? ?
b. What benefits to the region would this organization bring? ?
Note: For consistency we will use the Traditional definition of the Middle East from Wikipedia (see second page).

The following countries are included within the Middle East, which is corresponding to Western Asia, excluding the Caucasus: