Nurses perspectives of the impact of being on-call on their personal lives and their work practice

This will be research proposal comprehensive version of the previous work that you have done of literature on the impact of being on-call on nurses personal lives and their work practice

Research design Quantitative
Survey via questionnaire

samples will be nurses from Saudi Arabia and jordan who are working under on call system

*** please commitment to using the attached references

research proposal contain the following elements:

Literature Review: this must be contemporary, show evidence of the use of seminal texts/articles and concrete or emerging frameworks
Problem statement: appropriate use must be made of aims and objectives, questions or hypothesis
Research design: broad introduction to the design chosen and justification for same. Design explained, discussed and evaluated
Data collection: interview schedule, questionnaires, observation methods etc, explained. Validity/reliability/ credibility/trustworthiness discussed
Sampling: sample type described, sampling size, framework and access explained
Data analysis: Qualitative data analysis or statistics to be used explained.
Ethical principles and consideration: Discussed