nursing graduate admission essay

Essay instructions from school:
The essay question or personal response, needs to address the following topics:
Discuss the personal qualities and attributes that you think will be useful as well as those that you feel need further development in preparation for the nursing profession.

2. Provide your own definition of cultural competence, ethical sensitivity, leadership and life-long learning as well as how you may incorporate these concepts in your professional practice.

3.Discuss how a graduate education in nursing will impact your future career goals. ( these are the goals I am trying to accomplish so if you can include that in my essay and if you need to elaborate then please do so.)
– I want to be the best and use my knowledge to help people.
-I want to do missionary work and take care of the sick that can\’t afford care.
– I want to do research and come up with cures to diseases.
– I want to be the answer to people who are sick.
– I want to make changes in the health field.
– I feel that this is my calling. I want to be service to man kind and make a mark in society.

My essay I wrote:

My name is Karen Leslie, I am of Jamaican descent coming from a family of four which includes three brothers , I am the youngest girl. It wasnt easy for me growing up. I took care of my brothers while my mother worked. My mother works hard, as a nurse tech. I had to make sure that they did their homework and cooked their meals. I had to deal with taking care of my brothers as well as deal with going to college. I started attending Hunter College in fall 2001. Ive had a hard time balancing school and my personal life. My freshmen year was extremely difficult, a very confusing time in my life. My mother and I were arguing a lot. I had to spend more time taking care of my brothers than I usually had to. The stress was overwhelming. The situation got so bad at home that I decided to leave my mothers home and move in with my father. I was content living with my father and my mind was at peace which gave me the ability to concentrate more on school. From the fall of 2002 until now I have worked full time while going to school full time and majoring in biochemistry.

Even though I am a biochemistry major, I want to pursue another major in the medical field. I love learning and knowing the way the human body works. I love taking care of people and helping people. I get a sense of joy and relief to know that I was able to help someone. I have thought long and hard about my decision and concluded I should combine the two areas that I love which are the medical field and helping people. This is why I obtained a degree in nursing. I feel that is time for me to advance my career and better myself.

I would like to undertake a Masters degree in Family Nurse Practitioner in your institution. A nurse practitioner possess many qualities. I believe that I possess many qualities that are crucial for a nurse practitioner to have, such as compassion, acceptance of criticism, ethics, and critical thinking. I feel your nurse practitioner program will help further my development in the nursing profession. Compassion and patienance are remarkable qualities to have. When I look into the eyes of the sick and speak to them, you have to have compassion and patienance inorder to get to the root of the problem. Patients are not just a number, they are human beings that are in need of help. I have worked in med surg, hospice, and labor & delivery. I know what it is like to work with patients and patients family dealing with lost and I have been there to comfort them as well as try to meet needs. I feel that by me having compassion and patience will help me in my nursing profession. A successful nurse practitioner need to be compassionate and patient. There are some situations where patients might not understand what you are trying to convey, so you need to have patience inorder to obtain proper history so that you can get to the root of the problem. Patients want someone who is compassionate. Soemone who will care about their health issues. When a health care provider lack empathy and compassion, they are providing patient with a negative experience which mighat result in them neglecting their health or refusing to come back to the hospital. I possess compassion and patience which is essential qualities to have as a nurse pracititioner.

Another quality that I possess and feel that will be useful for my nursing profession is acceptance of criticism. I feel that the medical field is constantly evolving. Techniques, procedures are constantly changing. In order to grow, evolve in the medical field, a person need to be open to criticism. I remember when I first started nursing and senior nurses would educate me about the right way to do a procedure or provide care to a patient. I did not take what they said personal. I was happy that there was someone there to correct me that way I was able to provide appropriate care to my patients. I think to be the best at anything you do you need to be able to accept criticism. I strive to be the best. Personally, I feel a medical provider that is not open to criticism can end up causing harm to a patient. Policies and procedures are changing due to studies overtime, the old way of doing things may have been detrimental to the patient. A medical provider who isnt acceptance of criticism will continue to practice wrong and will never grow professional. I view criticism as my friend. Acceptance of criticism, I feel is fundamental quality that I feel is useful in the further development in my nursing profession.
A code of ethics is fundamental to my nursing profession. As a nursing professional, I have an ethical obligation to serve others without self-interest. As a nurse I know what it is to advocate for a patient. I always share the desires, needs and wants of my patient to the rest of the healthcare team and make sure that they are addressed. As a patients advocate, I always make sure my patients health, safety, and rights are protected. I have faced many ethical issues. My code of ethics will help me progress in my nursing profession.
One quality that I think I need to improve is my critical thinking. I have faced many scenarios as a nurse where I have use my critical thinking to help me come to a proper decision. Graduate nursing not only will increase my knowledge of medicine, but also prepare me to deal with more complex situations. Graduate nursing education provides critical thinking and advanced problem solving skills as well as increased expertise for evidence based interventions in nursing, such advanced training is built on the foundation of previous education and experiences in the field.