Nursing Mental health

Topic: Consumer-centred mental health nursing practiceConsumer-centred and collaborative mental health nursing practice implies that mental health consumers are active participants in their recovery, are acknowledged as experts by experience, and that they are involved in shared decision making with nurses and other health professionals.Task:Referring to evidence-based literature, including references to mental health consumers\’ views and experiences of participation in their health care, discuss:the principles and the benefits of collaborative, consumer-centred mental health nursing practice,how consumers\’ experiences of living with mental illness can inform mental health nursing practicethe relevance of these findings for your own nursing practice development – in this section of the discussion you can use the first pereson, \’I\’, when you are discussing your own practice development; however, you must also support this section of the discussion with references to relevant literature.Assessment – Written Assignment Marking Criteria• Introduces the topic and outlines the purpose of the essay• Demonstrates a clear understanding of collaborative, consumer-centred mental health nursing practiceDiscussion (35 marks)With reference to relevant, evidence-based literature, including mental health consumers\’ lived experiences, discusses:• the principles and benefits of collaborative, consumer-centred nursing practice (15 marks) • how consumers\’ experiences of living with a mental illness inform mental health nursing practice (10 marks)• the relevance of the above findings for the development of your own nursing practice (10 marks)Conclusion (5 marks)• Summarises the major findings of the discussion • Concludes the discussionCombined (10 marks)• Expresses ideas clearly and logically• Uses correct grammar and spelling• Adheres to the HARVARD UTS reference model for in-text references and the reference list