Occupational Health and Safety Management & Law

An essay on the role of a countrys overarching legal system in determining the action and legal control linked to the improvement of health and safety. Your essay should make a comparison with one other country to show how the legal framework can influence the practice of OHS.

Assessment criteria:
1. Identify the separation of the laws of regress and punishment
– student to write about both civil and criminal law
2. Legal components and structures are clearly evaluated.
– student identifies the difference between Acts, Regs, ACOPand government and court
3. Relationship between components is critically evaluated in relationship to the improvement of
– student can identify the place of each of the above components in relationship to its affect on
delivering better standards.
4. Influence of case law within court structures examined and applied.
– student can identify the influence on standards by previous decisions by a courts
interpretation of law.
5. Comparative systems with other countries identifies strengths and weaknesses.
– student takes two legal systems and analyses the impact of these differences on standards.
6. Well presented within the required word count with accurate referencing and evidence of wide