online customer experience

Assessment InformationThis assignment is designed to assess the

following learning outcomes:

1. Undertake a critical analysis of current marketing issues.
2. Synthesise emerging issues and concepts from a range of academic journals, and relevant texts.

This assignment requires you to complete the following in report format:

Based on your academic research:
Critically evaluate the concept of online customer experience (its formation and benefits for organisations). Furthermore, select two organisations that demonstrate good or bad examples of managing customer experience online and show how the theory applies to these organisations.

Suggested academic databases: Business Source Complete, Sage, Emerald and Science Direct

Practitioners databases: Marketing Week, Brand republic, TED, Economist, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Financial Times

CW Steps:
1. Read and review the relevant theories using journal articles only!
2. Decide which theories you want to apply and why
3. Select two organisations based on examples/case studies/reports from the practitioners databases
4. Apply your selected theories to these organisations and show how they are doing/not doing what the theories, you have reviewed, suggested
5. Provide recommendations based on theory to enhance their business
6. If in doubt please come and see Husni Kharouf or Ellie Hickman

Criteria for Assessment

Structure 10%: Content is organised and appropriate; coherent; flow of information, arguments, and concepts
Knowledge and Understanding 30%: Identifies, explains, draws on appropriate theories, models, literature to demonstrate depth and breadth of reading to address the question
Application 30%: Application of theory or practical examples given appropriate to context
Analysis and Recommendations 20%: Evaluation and critical analysis of the topic, synthesis of ideas/concepts, appropriate conclusions, justified recommendations
Presentation 10%: Spelling, punctuation, grammar, layout, accurate CU Harvard Referencing style, writing style academic/professional

CW Structure
Report format (include contents page)

Introduction (backgrounds, aims & objectives of your report)

Online customer experience (literature review) Critically analyse the theories Select theories to apply and why

Apply selected theories to 2 organisations of your choice Make recommendations to improve the organisations

Conclusion References (Harvard ref style alphabetical)