Organizational Behavior – Final Case Study

1. This is a group case study, however, you will only need to focus on my part of the group work.

2. I have been assigned to focus on the manager/management of the case study and create an analysis on this solely. The chapters I am to use for analysis are Chapter 7 (Decision Making), Chapter 11 (Conflict & Negotiating), Chapter 13 (Organizational Structure), Chapter 14 (Organizational Culture) Chapter Summaries are included

3. You must incorporate theory, models and concepts from the textbook. (Chapter summaries and key terms are included to be used)

4) Someone else is handling Team Dynamics so you do not need to touch on that. Further, someone else is handling the introduction and conclusion/final recommendation so you can keep those short just to give them a sense of direction.

It is very important to follow the guidelines. I am including, the Case Study, Case Study Methodology, Case Study Guidelines, Chapter Summaries & Key Terms.