Organizational Theory, Structure, and Design

End of Chapter Case Analysis:

The Rondell Data Corporation considers centralization and decentralization which pertains to the hierarchical level at which decisions are made. In a mechanistic design, the structure is centralized, whereas an organic design uses decentralized decision
making. The Rondell Data Corporation case presents an excellent opportunity to apply the concepts of mechanistic and organic designs, centralization and decentralization, and formal and informal organizations. In a 2-3 page essay, use the following three questions to guide your analysis of Rondell Data Corporation.

1. Describe the management style at Rondell Data Corporation.

2. Would you classify Rondell Data Corporation as a mechanistic or organic design?

3. What challenges does Rondell face?

The writing assignments are to be 2-3 pages in length in the following format:

Title page: Name, assignment number, course name, instructor name, and date

Answer all of the case analysis questions in essay format using concepts, theories, and terminology from the weekly assigned readings

In addition to the text book, you will need to find one article each week related to a topic of your choice from the assigned chapter readings to help you develop your case analysis response. You are required to submit a 1 page annotated bibliography with your case analysis response that includes the following:

Full correct citation including author (s), date of publication title of article, where published.

Write a brief summary of the article in your own words. Do not use the abstract if the article has one. Summarize for yourself.

Provide references and in-text citations per APA for any sources used, including text book

Grammar and spelling errors will be penalized

Textbook: Richard L. Daft; Organizational Theory, Structure, and Design; 11th Edition; Chapter 1

Rondell Case is attached