Outline and evaluate Marshall Bermans account of modernity

the course name is : Into to social theory … Essay question: Outline and evaluate Marshall Berman\’s account of modernity. For this essay should be used the introductory chapter entitled Modernity – yesterday, today and tomorrow (pages 15-36) from Marshall Berman\’s important book All that is solid melts into the air, from 1982.!!!!!!!!!! Plus 4 sources connected to this topic)
NB 1 by the word evaluate in the essay question professor means critique. However, to criticise something/someone is not the same as to dismiss something/someone. To be criticised, as Durkheim said, is to be taken seriously – don\’t forget! So when you are reading the text and thinking through it you might ask yourself: is Berman\’s treatment in any way problematic? are his assumptions that underpin what he says in any way problematic? what is your stance? do you agree? disagree? provide evidence, examples that would support your stance!