Outline Term Project Strategic Planning

This paper is the outline of your Term Project paper. The purpose of the assignment is to assist you in developing your paper, and to demonstrate to me that you have a firm grasp on your subject matter. Use modified APA style (see Syllabus and Important Information tab) including a reference page, and please use in-text citations when you cite within the outline. Remember that your interview is a source, so when you quote or paraphrase your respondent, please cite and reference. Please use an \”alphanumeric\” outlining format (see the attachments).
My expectation is that by this time you have already conducted the interview. Along with the coursework we have done thus far, you should be able to complete a fairly thorough outline.

I will be uploading all the documents. One will be a very rough draft outline. I need it cleaned up and feel free to add to this outline to as it adds value. The final term paper (Due in one month) will be approx. 10 pages and have 7 to 8 references. Thank you.