Outsourced Facility Management Services

Client Proposal to provide outsourced Facility Management Services (FMS) to Kinross College (Kinross) Perth, Western Australia.

As part of their strategic planning process Kinross is seeking an expression of interest from your FMS Company to provide FMS at all levels to the College to test the feasibility and practicality of such a move. Kinross will assess the opportunities that may be provided by your organization.


1. Operational Management
As a minimum, should address the following requirements;
a) Service delivery and quality control processes
b) Building operations management
c) Space utilization and allocation
d) Emergency management
e) Security
f) Procurement processes
g) Inventory management

There is no need to write about executive summary or introduction. Just need to address on the body of the report which is operational management that address all the points given.

The client proposal is based on Kinross College in Perth, Western Australia.Please refer to their college website to find out all the information needed thank you.