Topic: Intercultural communication

2000-word essay. You clearly identify an issue (refer to lecture notes) you are interested in in the areas of
language, culture and communication and examine it using intercultural communication theories covered in the
lectures. Your literature review should focus on the issue you have identified. You are encouraged to collect
empirical data, e.g. a short chunk of conversational (e.g. requests and apologies) or written (e.g. words and
expressions for politeness or purposes vs. those for humorous or assertive purposes) texts or a short video (e.g.
advertising with culture-loaded contents, including verbal and nonverbal messages). You may need to provide
transcripts or brief descriptions. You are expected to critically analyse the issue from the point of view of
intercultural communication.

Topic: Motivation, anxiety and gender: how they influnce the acquistion of English as a second language for Saudi students studying in Ireland

what I need is a pilot study for my thesis. it is a mixed method study.
mixed methods can be mingled in three ways: \”merging or converging, connecting and embedding.\” this study will be based on the second type,\” connecting the two datasets by having one build on the other\”. the questionnare will analyzed first and then followed by the interview analysis. the the result will be drawn accordingly.
Here is the link for the pilot survey.

I will attach a word file including the interviews.

please let me know if you need any other details.
thank you

this is more details about the study taken form the methodology chapter A mixed methods approach will be used for the purposes of this research. In the case of this study, the sequential mixed design where the qualitative approach follows the quantitative will be applied. The data will be collected using questionnaires and follow up interviews. The questionnaires will provide quantitative data and the interviews will provide qualitative data and allow a more in-depth exploration of the topic (Macnaghten and Myers 2004). The questionnaire includes 30 multiple choice questions. The research subjects will be Saudi students at university language centres in Ireland (UL, UCC, UCD, TCD). Contact will be made through the presidents of the Saudi students unions in Ireland to gather data from students. The questionnaire will be made available online and students will be sent a link via email. Participants will be given the option to volunteer for an interview by clicking an option and entering their contact details (this will be a separate link and will not be linked to the data they have given). Each volunteer will be met individually. The optimum rate of participation for the questionnaire is 60 and the goal for the interviews is 8-10.

the pilot included two students for the survey and one of them volunteered for the interview I will attach her answers in a minute. and by the way, the research questions for the study are the following: i. What are the major factors that motivate students from Saudi Arabia, who are currently studying in English schools in Ireland? ii. What are the major factors for anxiety among the students from Saudi Arabia, who are currently studying in English schools in Ireland? iii. Does studying in mixed-gender classrooms impact both male and female students from Saudi Arabia, who are currently studying in English schools in Ireland?

Topic: Assessment task 3: Critical review of evidence

Assessment task 3: Critical review of evidence

Weight: 50%

Length: 2500 words (max)

Task: This assessment item builds on assessment items 1 and 2. Students are required to conduct a critical review of the evidence, based on their selected topic of clinical uncertainty. Students will have already conducted a literature search for assessment item two on their chosen topic of uncertainty.
Students are required to:
1. Provide an overview of the area of evidence uncertainty and justification of why this topic was selected, including overall significance of the problem.
2. Summarise the current use of evidence based practice in the Australian health care setting, in relation to their topic; this may include anecdotal experience of the issue in practice.
3. Synthesise the available literature (minimum 8 articles are required) that supports and opposes self-identified healthcare interventions, appropriate to their population and consider the outcomes of the selected studies.
4. Compare and contrast findings from difference studies, and highlight study strengths and limitations of the studies included in their review.
5. Based on your review of the evidence, explain the rational for your decision making to your situation of uncertainty.
Assessments are to be submitted in one word document file.
Additional points discussed in class on Study Day 3:

Please include a table (see posted example) with details of the articles you included.
Tables and references are not included in the word count.
You can use the assessment descriptors as headings in your review, as appropriate.
You are not required to include a methods section describing your literature search process.
Check that the aim of your review/research question is relevant to the articles chosen.
As discussed in the Study Day 3 workshop, you can modify this table to include additional columns of relevant material to facilitate your comparing/contrasting. All included studies should be listed in this table. Please include this table within your word document prior to submission.

Referencing style The Faculty of Health uses the ?Harvard (UTS)? style for in text referencing and production of a reference list. Please refer to for guidance on this referencing style

Topic: A Presidential Candidate – Mark Twain

Read \”A Presidential Candidate\” by Mark Twain.

– Compose a thesis that has a persuasive, debatable claim about the significance of the message or theme in the essay or the success & effectiveness of the essay as a whole.

– Summarize the essay in your intro paragraph, end the paragraph with your thesis, and be sure to include your three points of evidence in your thesis statement.

– Cite the essay as you would any article on the internet as you examine your points of evidence.

Do we get new types of cinema from shifts in cinema technology? Critically evaluate this question with close reference to two films, exploring one aspect of production (i.e. the image, film music).

Do we get new types of cinema from shifts in cinema technology? Critically evaluate this question with close reference to two films, exploring one aspect of production (i.e. the image and film)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest (Gore Verbinski 2006)
Super 8 (J. J. Abrams 2011)