Pakistani Film Industry and Marxism

From Professor:\”Building upon your thesis statement, the 10-15 pg. research paper should be a sustained critical investigation of your approved topic. Your paper will include a clear thesis statement. Expanding upon the thesis statement, the final paper should consider scholarly sources and use a Marxist analysis. It must also include footnotes and a bibliography.Some Things to Keep in Mind:1. Your paper should deal with a question, works of art, a movement, or an artist. It is not biographical but rather advances an argument or a position about something. It will take a methodological approach (see Barnet’s A Short Guide…).2. Your paper should present your ideas using a clear and coherent structure. Make sure to situate your claims and their relevance in a way that unfolds in a logical way.3. Your argument should be supported with clear and compelling evidence. Draw the reader’s attention to the work of art and give direct evidence. Don’t shy away from using direct or descriptive language: Ex: “Notice that the blue circle of paint…” or “The dark green undergrowth of the Kudzu masks the base of the tree trunk, and this creates…”4. Your argument should advance new, original insights instead of common knowledge or others’ arguments. Don’t recite platitudes. While a research paper, it is not meant to give an overview of everything that has been written about a given topic. Rather, you are meant to take the scholarship that has already been written on a topic and marshal it together to advance some new idea or position that you are taking.\”This paper MUST specifically cite the film \”Roohi\” and other Pakistani films from the same time period from Pakistan. Ths paper should focus intensely on the class politics that both inspired these films and prevented them from being shown to the public. Include details about the films, particularly \”Roohi,\” and cite each film as a source in addition to the ones included in the additional materials section. Please focus particularly on the philosophy of Karl Marx and his theories on power struggles between classes. Please contact me with any further questions.