Paper : Adolescence

Purpose: To understand and apply concepts related to adolescent development
To understand the role of context in development
To write professionally

Directions: Watch Freaks and Geeks, Season 1, Episode Girlfriends and Boyfriends. Choose one adolescent character to write about. First, describe that characters biological, cognitive, and socioemotional development using relevant concepts from the textbook or other scholarly sources. Describe relevant concepts and provide examples from the episode that illustrate the concepts. Second, describe the role of the family in the characters development. For example, you may discuss parenting styles illustrated in the episode and connect that to the characters position in the family and in development. Third, discuss how socioeconomic status, family structure, and race/ethnicity, historical context may be influencing your characters family and development.

You will need to find two outside scholarly resources, in addition to your textbook, to integrate into the paper. The paper will be five full pages of text, written professionally, and formatted in APA style (e.g., double-spaced, 1 margins, with a title and reference pages). It should reflect your best work.

Rubric: Papers will be graded according to the benchmarks shown below. A plus sign (+) means that the benchmark was exceeded (excellent work), an X indicates that the benchmark was met but can be refined (good work), and a minus sign (-) means that there is noticeable room for improvement.