paper outline

The term paper should be on an agreed upon topic that has been approved by the instructor, by analyzing the views of at least two contrasting authors in the history of economic thought. More details will be provided during the first class. To obtain the approval, students must submit a two- page outline of the term paper, including the title, proposed structure, and a preliminary bibliography of at least five key academic readings by no later than November 2, 2016.

We want to write Keynes and Hayek, and we focus on the fiscal policy,the issue is deficit,one example is \” The new deal\”, the other example may be is about Ronald Wilson Reagan (reduce tax rate and reduce the government intervention)


price and production

The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money

A Treatise on Money

Development of economic analysis; pp. 405-412, pp.482-487,pp.520,pp. 584-588