Patient care and safety

Debriefing after the observation or participation in a simulation has been shown to improve patient safety and care by increasing participants\’ knowledge and understanding, identifying best practices, and fostering clinical reasoning (Dreifuerst, 2009).
Review the Interprofessional Palliative Care of an ALS Patient movie simulation (Week 11)
After reviewing the movie, reflect on the following three (3) questions and post your responses to these questions. Remember to use proper APA format for any sources that you use.
1. What do you feel went well in this movie simulation? Why?
2. Is there anything that you would have done differently? Why?
3. What have you learned from this movie simulation that will help in your future practice?.
Dreifuerst, K. T. (2009). The essential of debriefing in simulation learning: A concept analysis. Nursing Education Perspectives, 30(2), 109-114. Retrieved from