patient teaching project

Pharmacology Patient Teaching Project
Project Overview
Learners may work individually or in pairs to create at patient teaching video or pamphlet. The purpose of this assignment is to teach clients about a commonly prescribed medication and create a tool that presents the information in lay terms.
Learners have a choice of:
1. Codeine
2. Metformin
3. Prednisone
4. Lactulose
Medications will be cycle through and only appear once every 24 months, to prevent plagiarism.
Marking Criteria
Each assignment will be marked based on the learners understanding of the chosen medication, and ability to translate medical terminology into lay terms. The following three elements must be included in each assignment:
1. Why is the drug being prescribed?
2. Common adverse and side effects
3. At least two health strategies that would complement drug therapy( for example if the student chooses nitroglycerin, a complementary health strategy would be diet and exercise as both reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease , if a student chooses an antiviral they may choose to mention hand washing as this action will prevent infection.)
What is it meant by lay terms?
Medical terminology can be overwhelming for any client. Translating information into lay terms means translating medical terminology into plain English. For example a nurse explaining a medication can cause hypotension may not be as effective as a nurse explaining that a medication can cause blood pressure to decrease.
Assignment Formats
The pamphlet is to be one 8×11 sheet of paper (single or double side), and references also need to be included somewhere on the page. Pamphlets are to be handed in on date specified by instructor.
Accepted Resources
Learners are encouraged to use the pharmacology text, the drug guide, and the database DYNA MED. Other academic resources are acceptable as long as they are cited appropriately. The purpose of this is to have the student focus on reliable resources. Learners need not quote course material as they are translating drug information into lay terms; however, they will be expected to reference information sources.
Project Rationale
Client teaching is a large aspect of the role of the nurse. Client teaching is the foundation Kings theory of goal attainment. Client teaching also plays an important role in therapeutic communication in the Duffy spheres of caring. This project allows student to develop their knowledge of pharmacology while maintaining a client focus.