People Management – Leadership

– This is a Master level paper (Master of Science), so critically thinking/writing style is a must.
– Please read the assignment details very careful. As you can read in the assignment, the paper is about Strategic Leadership in the context of a global-multinational organization/company.
– I\’ll attach the assignment as docx file. I\’ll also attach a couple of recommended readings from the tutor.
– 3000 words. Harvard referencing style.
– If you have any questions about the assignment, please let me know, I can ask questions to my tutor as well if needed.
– Internet sources are not valid, all references used must be academic. The references used must be valid and relevant in the context of the paper and to the ideas and statements that are written on it.
– There should be around 20 references on the paper.
– I cannot stress enough how important this Master is for me, so please I expect you to do a fine job and I\’ll come over again for future assignments as well.