Perioperative Nurses Competency

RESULTS OF RESEARCH.This should include an overview of the literature you have included and those excluded. You should note why you have excluded the ones you have with reference to the methods and search strategy outlined in your methods chapter. The other part of this section should outline the common themes found in the literature that respond to your question, aims and objectives. (Question: How likely is perioperative nurses education and competency to reduce errors and stress while improving their psychological situation, delivering care and safety in operating theatre? Aim: The aim of this work is to correlates how perioperative nurses education (pre-registration and post-registration) can reduce risks such as dilemmas, conflicts, aggression and incidents that could potentially happen and consequently improving the nurses’ psychological situation, delivering care and safety in theatre. Objectives: Training, Competency, supervision by qualified mentors/preceptors, effective use of non-clinical skills.) I have uploaded the introduction as well in order to help you to understand the concept of the assignment.