Personal Aptitude to Change Management

Critically reflect on your learning about your personal aptitude for change management and the implications of this for your future career plans. As the writer you can reflect any generalized examples from your own experiences such as change in a work environment, travelling abroad or working as a part of a group to demonstrate aptitudes for change.

Please use real life examples to reflect on the different theories around change management which show evidence to factors such as Individual change, personal Resilience, Emotional intelligence, Interpersonal influence and/or leadership. You dont have to use all of them but maybe 2 or 3 will be fine as long as you link the theories well and make sense of it as you critically evaluate what you have learned from this experience.Also please make sure to cite any theories in this reflection.
Maximum word count is 1500. I will upload an example of a mini reflection you can use as a guideline as well as some slides from the lecture that may help with relevant theories. PLEASE have a look at them and also you can use more or less references then what I have put depending on what you think works well