Perspectives in Disability Lived Experience Stories Research Assignment

You are required to research and present a paper that will inform policy makers and professionals about the potential uses and outcomes of using people with disabilities\’ lived experience stories (including for example film, memoir, digital stories, narratives) to inform their work.
The discussion paper should draw on a balance of relevant scholarly peer reviewed and \’grey\’ literature (eg non government and government reports, blogs, Youtubes, and websites) to identify and discuss:
1. Relevant international examples of policies and programs that were shaped by lived experience stories (eg. films, memoir, personal narratives, or digital stories) prepared by people with disabilities
2. Your critical analysis of these policies or programs upheld the human rights and agency of people with disabilities
3. The known and potential outcomes and impact of basing human services, health and/or social work policy and practice on lived experience storytelling by people with disabilities;
4. Your overall analysis and conclusions regarding the potential efficacy and impact of lived experience storytelling in shaping health, human services, or social work policy making and practice.

Please please do not re write this discussing how marginalized people with disability are. Do not use slang, please stick directly to the topic. I need examples of international policies and programs.
I also need a strong analysis and introduction and conclusion need to be strong. It is about story telling and lived experiences of people with disability. Its not about community attitudes or being stigmatized. Do not include info about compensation etc like the previous drafts. This is worth more than half of my marks so if it is not top notch I could fail. The intro should not just go on and on about self esteem and stigma.
APA 6 referencing please.