Essay #2
Prompt: Epicureanism and Stoicism are the two most influential philosophical systems of the Hellenistic era. Assume you had to adopt one or the other point of view. Which view Epicureanism or Stoicismwould you choose? Why?

In this essay, you are to explain and defend the view (Epicureanism or Stoicism) you find most credible. You should approach this task by presenting arguments, evidence, and/or examples that support your chosen view. You might also consider presenting arguments, evidence, and/or examples that discredit the alternative view. Your central task is to provide the reader with an accurate account of your chosen view along with your primary reasons (understood in terms of arguments, evidence, and examples) for choosing it. Note: You may focus on the ethical aspects of the two views, the metaphysical aspects, or both. Please clearly state what your focus will be in the introductory portion of your essay.
Due Date: October 31, 2016