Physical agents

The aim of this assignment is to familiarise students with the administrative and legislative control of physical agents within their own country.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this assignment, you will

? Be familiar with the legislation currently enforced within your own country or state dealing with physical agents

? Understand the enforcement provisions made by your country or state to ensure the legislation dealing with physical agents is complied with

? Be able to critically evaluate your country or states legislation and/or enforcement provision for the control of physical agents in the workplace.


There is continued concern that exposure to physical agents in the workplace are not being adequately prevented or controlled.

Write a 1500 word essay that evaluates the current legislation, standards and guidance as it relates to one physical agent covered on this course.

Legislation, standards and guidance should relate to your own country of practice or where there is no relevant legislation a country of your choice. This may include international standards, ILO or a country which demonstrates best practice.

General Instruction

You should research a range of reference materials including recent published research relating to the physical agent you are discussing. Journal articles on research can be found through the portal in the e-library using science direct, for guidance on accessing journals and eBooks online please refer to the accessing electronic resources guide on Moodle.

The work is to be word-processed and appropriately referenced using the Harvard system of referencing. It should be presented in the form of an essay and the length must be with 10% of 1500 word limit, excluding appendices, reference list, bibliography, etc. A word count must be included.