PICOT paper part II: Evidence Table, Critical Appraisals and Synthesis

To writer:
Please I have attached PICOT Paper I for your reference to get an idea of what my topic was on in case you are not the same writer. The instructions for PICOT paper II begin below and this part II carries 25% of the course grade please. I did well on PICOT paper 1, the only feedback given was that adverbs were not used in the write up.
Please at the end dont forget to save and give me the downloaded articles you use because we are required to submit the articles too.Thanks in advance.

Assignment 4: PICOT Paper Part II: Evidence Table, Critical Appraisals and Synthesis
The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate published research and demonstrate critical thinking/reasoning skills through the application of an evidence based practice framework. Make suggested changes from PICOT paper #1 feedback in this second installment paper. Add the following new material: Four articles selected from your search, an Evidence Table, four completed critical appraisals of selected keeper articles that answer your PICOT question uploaded into Blackboard, and your Synthesis of those keeper articles showing the answer to your PICOT question.
The Paper 2 Walk Through Video states that yes/no answers are acceptable for the Critical Appraisal Tool, however, complete answers for at least half of the items are better for you to more easily write your synthesis. You may respond with yes/no for questions where a brief answer is all that is needed. After you have completed the Critical Appraisals, complete your Evidence Table. Now you are ready to begin your synthesis. Using your Evidence Table, and your completed Critical Appraisals, please compare, contrast and then re-mix this digested information from your keeper studies to synthesize your gathered information. For more specific details on synthesis, please refer to our course in weeks 4-5, the Internet, and your professor. This section is a large part of your grade on PICOT Part II.
Grading Rubric: PICOT Paper II: Evidence Table, Critical Appraisals and Synthesis
Rubric Pts Score Instructor Comments
Background (revised) (4)
Discuss why this topic is significant 1
Provide background information about this topic, including the current state of practice regarding your topic 2
Provide the PICOT question and purpose statement 1
Search Results (revised) (9)
Create 4 Search Results Tables using at least four database searches (CINAHL, Cochrane, PubMed and Your Choice) 2
Identify synonyms for each variable of the PICOT question 1
Searches depicted in Search Tables 5
Search explained in narrative 1
Evidence Table and Articles of Evidence (20)
Four articles uploaded into Blackboard
Create Evidence Table using Headings: Citation, Sampling/Setting, Research Design, Data Analysis, Findings (or Results), Level of Evidence and Comments. Information identified and under headings appropriately 10
Four Best Available articles of Evidence (level of evidence, validity, scientific merit, generalizability) are selected 10
Critical Appraisals (20)
Appropriate Melnyk critical appraisal tools used to critically appraise each selected article 5
Critical Appraisal Tool answers are complete
Interpretation of articles is correct 15
Synthesizing Evidence (32)
Compare and contrast methods and results across articles. Explain dissimilarities and similarities. Identify and explain unusual or inconsistent findings across articles. Synthesize findings incorporating information from your Evidence Table, to answer your PICOT question 32
APA Paper Construction, Formatting and Style (15) 15
Paper written in third person, grammar, spelling and syntax
Paper consists of introduction, body, and conclusion. (APA 3.6)
Logical development of stated purpose of the paper (Organization, flow & focus). (APA 3.01; 3.09; 8.03)
Each paragraph discusses/describes one main idea. (APA 3.08)
Fewer than 2 misspelled words (APA 4.12-4.38)
Grammar Correct (APA 3.18-3.23)
Usage, Syntax, & Punctuation correct. (APA 3.05-3.17; 4.01-4.11; 4.46-4.49)
Paragraphs are at least 4 to 5 sentences. (APA 3.08)
Level headings Proper use of headings and subheadings (level headings)(APA 3.03)
Paper typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5\” x 11\”) with 1\” margins and 12-font Times Roman. (APA 8.03)
Paper Includes four major sections: the Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References. (APA 2.01; 2.04)
Title page contains the title of the paper, the author\’s name, and the institutional affiliation. (APA 2.01; 8.03) ;
Running head flush left margin top of title page. Running head should look like this:
Running head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER (APA 8.03)
Page number on top, right side of page. (APA 8.03)
Keywords: on same page as abstract, (italicized) and indented followed by 3 to 5 keywords. (APA 2.04)
In-text citations are in proper APA format. (APA 2.11; 6.03-6.21)
References are in proper APA format. (APA 2.11; 6.22-6.32; Examples of Refs: 7.01-A7.06))
Paper Length 6-7 pages
Total Score