Planning and Assessment

Course Text:
Title: Building Teachers: A Constructivist Approach to Introducing Education
Edition: 2nd (2014)
Author: Martin, Loomis
Publisher: Cengage
Book ISBN: 978-1133943013

As you read Martin and Loomis, Chapter 15 Motives for Teaching, and build

What are the biggest challenges you face?
What outside resources/research have you used to create your unit plan?
Describe the role of different assessments in unit planning. Then, answer the following questions:

Why do you think it is important to use diagnostic assessment, formative assessment, and summative assessment?
How will you incorporate all three assessments into your unit plan? Give examples of each.
Is there a magic number when deciding how many assessments to use in one

Please use proper APA 6th Ed in text citation and references. The textbook is included in the min of three resources